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How to DirtSearch

Basic DirtSearch

  1. Enter a First Name
  2. Enter a Last Name
  3. Select a State to Search in
  4. Press the Search Button
  5. Wait the estimated time for results

We know there are many reasons for gathering public records such as background checks for employment; landlords checking into tenants backgrounds to rent; whether or not to venture into partnership relationships and much more. At DirtSearch, we do our best to bring as many public records together in one place to help you feel confident in your decision, whatever the case may be

Advanced DirtSearch

DirtSearch is a great way to find out information such as tenant disputes, civil or criminal court files, certain items pertaining to credit checks and general background information.

Although it seems easy and most people find the information they are looking for, DirtSearching really comes down to an art. You will have to become somewhat of a detective.

The Biggest Tip We Can Share:
Having more information than just a name to search is extremely helpful such as, approximate age or birth date, this is especially helpful with common names. Many of the websites used in the DirtSearch results will give you an approximate age or birthday. It’s really finding the patterns, once you nail that down, most sites will give you middle initials or full middle names. Using this technique, you can usually follow a trail that will help you find the information you seek on the correct individual. Did you know? As DirtSearch grows, thanks to our friends who continue to donate to keep this site free, we will add new features to help you find more of the background information you are searching for as well as methods that make it easier to access the public records.

Here are a few things we’ve added recently:

You can now receive alerts when people search your name.

You can manage your own searches, save them for later or for future updates.

You can also receive alerts when new information is received on a particular person.

Simply create an account following the link entitled : DirtAlert Get Notified When You Are Searched

  1. Enter your First Name
  2. Enter a Last Name
  3. Enter the state you are located
  4. Create a unique passwords using the criteria listed on the sign up page
  5. retype your password, as long as red x’s turn to green checks, you have created strong password
  6. Enter a valid email to complete the process
  7. Hit submit

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The DirtSearch Dashboard is a free service that you can log in and manage your DirtAlerts and your saved searches to quickly stay up to date with any new information and search activity. DirtSearch never shares any of your information, sells or distributes your email address. This information is private and is and will never be part of any search.