Do you charge for DirtSearch?

 No DirtSearch is a completely free background check service

 Can a name be removed or blocked so it doesn’t appear on DirtSearch?

 The short answer is NO. If a name appears on DirtSearch it most likely appears on another site. DirtSearch is a search engine like Google. It simply gathers information, patterns or names, from public records and returns results. The name may or may not be the same person; possibly someone with the same name. If we start blocking valid results DirtSearch will eventually become useless. However, If our linking sites do not have a name match for the name searched, please let us know and our site volunteers will be happy to look into any issue.

 Why would you offer this for free?

We believe everyone is entitled to these public records without charge. Many sites offer this for a charge and we believe it is unfair that sites charge for information that is already free.

 I see DirtSearch crawling my site, why would I want this?

 DirtSearch technology will eventually reduce the load on your site from DirtSearch as the information is found on names searched. It will also direct people to your site only looking for information that exists.

 Why do people use DirtSearch?

Background Checks

Research New Contacts

Business Partners

Human Resource Hires

New Relationships

Arrest Records & DUI

Driving Record Look-ups

Check on lawsuits

Look up family history

Identity theft prevention

 What type of information can I find on DirtSearch?

 The information on this site ranges from criminal records, civil suits, probate records, sex offender databases, property ownership records, and other public records such as social networking sites and image databases.

 DirtSearch says I am dirty but none of these records are me, is DirtSearch wrong?

 All of the information on this site is searched through existing databases; DirtSearch does not buy, or host any of this information. People with similar/same names may show up in your search results, this is unfortunately the limitations with public records.It is important when using DirtSearch that you correlate the information that you find on a person with their age or a middle name and/or initial.

 DirtSearch returns no information on a person does that mean they have no records?

 Dirtsearch is always working to improve records, however some records may not be available due to the fact that particular local data sources are unavailable, blocked or lagged when posting this information on accessible websites.

 The information on DirtSearch is unfair and I would like it to be removed, how do I do that?

DirtSearch does not host the information and is merely a search engine; if information about you is appearing on DirtSearch it is a matter of public record and cannot be removed. If the record is incorrect you can contact the reporting agency and attempt to have it removed. However if the item listed is legit they will most likely not remove the information. If the site referenced is returning results not listed on the site, you can submit a review for repair via the “Fix Broken Data” on the main site. DirtSearch is a volunteer site and all requests will be addressed as soon as one of the admins have a chance to review the results.